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Inland Marine Insurance

Protect your property while is in transit or at a location that is not covered by your property insurance.

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What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

Inland marine insurance secures your property while it is in transit or at a location that is not a business address covered by your property insurance. The coverage earned its name from transporting goods over bodies of water. The word inland was added to include transportation by land, like trains and trucks.

Inland marine insurance is highly customizable to meet the needs of your business. Below are some common protections you might choose to include in your policy.

Transportation Coverage

When your business manages inventory, you need to transport it or ship it via a common carrier. Transportation coverage pays to replace your property if it is lost or damaged while being moved from one location to another.

Contractor's Equipment Coverage

You may bring equipment, machinery and tools to a client site in order to complete a project. Contractors equipment coverages insures you against the loss, damage, or theft of your property while it is at a customer's location.

Fine Arts Coverage

When your business displays fine art or valuables, they could become damaged while on display, being transported between exhibitions locations, or on loan to a third party. Fine arts coverage will pay you if your valuable works are damaged.

Builder's Risk Coverage

Traditional inland marine coverage protects you on a continual basis. Builder's risk coverage protects businesses the against prolonged risk exposure that your business experiences at a project or job site, like new construction.

Bailee's Coverage

Bailee's coverage insures your business against damage to the property of your customers while it is in your temporary care.  An example is a dry cleaner, where customers drop-off their clothing to be cleaned and retrieved shortly thereafter.

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