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Umbrella Insurance

Protect your business against high dollar claims that exceed the limits of your liability policies.

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What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Commercial umbrella insurance provides additional financial protection above the limits of your existing liability policies, like commercial auto and general liability. It can also include coverages that are excluded from other liability policies. As the name suggests, umbrella insurance helps your business weather the unexpected.

Increased Liability

Expensive lawsuits and judgments can quickly drive up the cost of an insurance claim. If your business experiences a significant loss, you may reach the limit of your liability policy. When that happens, commercial umbrella insurance will start paying where your liability policy stops.

Broader Coverage

Your business can have liability policy with one insurance carrier and a commercial umbrella insurance policy with another carrier. Umbrella insurance can cover additional risks to safeguard your business against exposures that are not included in your liability policy.

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