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Boat Insurance

Protect your boat on your next adventure. Boat insurance safeguards you against the risks you encounter while boating, transporting your boat, or storing your vessel.

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What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance delivery financial protection against boating related risks while on the open water or in storage. Watercraft of all shapes and sizes is covered, from yachts to jet skis.

If you have financed your boat or you intend to financial a boat, boat insurance is most likely required where you live.

Physical Damage

Boat insurance protects you if your boat is damaged on the water or in storage. You are covered even if your boat sinks.

Boating Equipment

Your boat may carry accessories, including fishing gear and other personal property. Boating insurance covers you if your boating accessories are damaged.

Guests Property

The property of a guest might be damaged on your boat. If that is the case, boat insurance will pay for replacement of your guest's property.

Emergency and Rescue

If you boat experiences an equipment failure, you will need help. Rescue services are expensive. Boat insurance will pay for them.

Boat Recovery.

A sunken boat can cost thousands of dollars to recover, and its recover is most often mandated by law. If your boat sinks, boat insurance can pay for its retrieval.

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