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Classic Car Insurance

Your classic car is one of a kind. Protect it on and off the road with classic car insurance.

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What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Classic car insurance delivers many of the same protections that regular auto insurance does. However, its pricing structure differs from auto insurance. For example, in the event of an accident, a driver or passenger is more likely to be injured in a classic car. Additionally, classic cars can be expensive to repair, depending on the availability replacement parts. Further, some cars have more historical value than others.

Classic cars are frequently used recreationally, where a classic car is not an owner's primary method of transportation, like to and from work. Where true, an owner can save premium dollars abacus the card spends only a little time on the road.

Many classic cars are driven only seasonally. They spend cooler, off-season months in storage. Where true, classic car coverage can be adjusted to cover only damage incurred while in storage. This allows owners of classic cars to save premium dollars during months where they are not driving the vehicle. Always let your insurer no when you are transitioning your classic car from active road use to storage and the reverse.

What Are Classic Car Insurance Protections?

Classic car insurance and auto insurance provide many of the same protections. Visit our auto insurance page for more details. 

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