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Your condo is your home. Protect your furnishings, appliances, and all you personal property with condo insurance.

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What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Condominium insurance blends the protections of homeowners insurance and renters insurance. Like renters insurance, condo insurance protects your personal property. Like homeowners insurance, condo insurance provides financial protection against damage to the interior of your home.

Condo insurance differs from traditional homeowners insurance because your condominium owners association is likely responsible for the maintenance and repair of common area structures on your association. That often includes the exterior of your own home, which would be covered by your condo association's master insurance policy.

A useful analogy to understand condo insurance is; if you turn your house upside down, everything that falls would be the responsibility of your condo insurance. That includes property like appliances. Everything that sticks in place would be the responsibility of your condominium owners association's master policy.

Master insurance policies for condominium owners associations vary across associations. When purchasing condo insurance, your agent will always want to know the terms of your association's master insurance policy; to avoid duplicate coverage or coverage gaps.

What Personal Property Is Covered?

Condo insurance coverages included everything you get with renters insurance and more. For examples of personal property protected by condo insurance, visit our renters insurance page.

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What Is Excluded from Condo Insurance? 

Damage to your building is often excluded from condo insurance and covered by your association's master insurance policy. Many other homeowners assurance protections still apply to your condo.

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