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Landlord Insurance

Your rental property is an investment. Protect it and any lost income in the event of a loss.

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What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

Landlord insurance protects property that you rent to others. It delivers financial protection against losses that occur at your rental property.

Property Damage

If the dwelling that you are renting to a tenant is damaged, landlord insurance will pay for damage to the building structure and its furnishings.


A tenant, a guest of a tenant, or a person you have contracted to deliver maintenance might be injured on your rental property. Landlord insurance will pay related expenses.

Loss of Rent

Your rental property might experience catastrophic damage that would make is uninhabitable. Where true, landlord insurance will replace lost rental income while you repair or build new.

What Is Excluded from Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance excludes personal property coverage. As a landlord, you are renting a living space to another person(s). You are not living there yourself and are without personal property to insure. Your renters, who live at your rental property, should have their own personal property through renters insurance. You may require that your renters have a renters insurance policy.

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