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Renters Insurance

Protect your personal property against unforeseen accidents or theft while you rent with renters insurance.

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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance provides financial protection in the event that your personal property is damaged, destroyed, or stolen. It is less expensive than property insurance because you do not need to insure the dwelling where you live. That is the option of the landlord.


When you rent an apartment of condo, you probably bring furniture with you. If that furniture is damaged by something like a fire or flood — or even an accident — renters insurance protects you.


Like any personal property, electronics can be damaged. Electronics are often a target of theft.  Renters insurance safeguards you against damage or theft of your electronics.


Jewelry can be damaged. It is also small and expensive, making it a popular theft of target. Renters insurance covers you for damage to or theft of your jewelry.


In the event of a fire of flood, your clothing can become damaged or destroyed. When faced with replacing your entire wardrobe, that can be pretty expensive. Renters insurance covers you.


You take care of your property, but that does not protect it from theft. Your property can be stolen or damaged during an attempted theft. Renters insurance delivers financial protection against theft.

Relocation Expenses

Your landlord may be responsible for repairing the property you are renting. However, that property can be damaged to the point where it is unlivable. When true, renters insurance will pay temporary living expenses.

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